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ATeCA GROUP Associazione Tecnica Costruzioni e Affini (Technical Association for Building Industry) was created on March 7th 2013. A new reality dedicated to companies and individuals who are living with dismay this difficult period of economic crisis and changes but wish nevertheless to react not to be overwhelmed.


We are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with years of experience in construction industry and related services who think aggregation is an instrument to achieve common ideals and interests. ATeCA GROUP wishes to be a valid reference point for companies and individuals through endorsement of human resources, technical expertise and singles competence. ATeCA GROUP is a non-profit association acting through its members. Being an association allows having a dynamic aggregation structure with low expenses and open to any willing subject.


To find, analyze and plan business opportunities in Italy and abroad in the areas of construction industry, facilities and related services such as electrical and mechanical plants, building automation, renewable energy.


We evaluate in a complete and detailed way potential business opportunities developing preliminary studies, feasibility studies, business plans through the synergy of our members' competencies in different areas. We participate in business missions, attend meetings, conventions, exhibitions and business to business events to get our members aware of different opportunities at the same time. We support relationship and interaction between our members business and professional realities and a national or foreign territory depending on its social, economic and institutional context. Cooperation among members becomes thereby an instrument of mutual knowledge and collaboration resulting in information and competence circulation. ATeCA GROUP therefore represents a valid opportunity of personal growth for our members, especially for the youngest, who can enter the versatile construction industry world through their contribution and service to the association. Such as a "construction yard" where ability, commitment, competence and quality will "build" valid opportunities for the future.